Welcome to Allman Falls!

After a devastating loss, Dan Handley returns to his hometown of Allman Falls, Nebraska, to fulfill a promise he made to his wife, and one he made to himself… 

Originally published as a stand alone book, Millie’s Rose, in 2011, I always felt there was more to the story of the small Nebraska town; more characters to meet, more life to live, more love to unfold. So, I decided to write them. Those stories happen here, first.

Each chapter is an idea, a dream, an exploration into the lives of the characters who make Allman Falls their home. Sometimes, the chapters are pretty good. Sometimes, they’re rough. Sometimes, they’re so bad they will be deleted. But each chapter is presented with the hope the story line will one day evolve into the next publication of the Allman Falls series.

These chapters are also presented with the opportunity for early readers to be involved in the development process. Don’t be shy! Tell me what you love, what you hate. Comment, comment, comment. Let’s do this together!

New chapters will be published each week, with older posts available for reading anytime. You can find a direct link to each in the table of contents. To start from the beginning, click here.

Hugs and happy reading!